Forensic Animation | Forensic Computer Animation

TMBA is a New York City animation studio that produces detailed and accurate forensic animation. Forensic animation is a category of 3D animation that is used for re-creating crime scenes, criminal events, accidents or disasters that have caused death. There is a wide range of uses for forensic computer animation, as forensic scientists work with investigators to gather all the relevant facts of a case and build a provable explanation of what happened and who might be at fault.

Forensic Animation | Forensic Computer Animator

Forensic Animation | Forensic Animations

There are many forensic events that can be useful to re-create in 3D, such as automobile or vehicular accidents, building, bridge or crane collapse, deadly assaults with weapons or the failure of a mechanical device that has caused a crash, explosion or fire.

That said, in forensic computer animation it is essential that the elements created for a crime scene recreation use custom modeling so that the elements match those at the crime scene exactly. This is the only way to preserve the accuracy of the forensic information and create a 3D animation of an event or scene that is useful for litigators in a courtroom.

Forensic Animation As Demonstrative Evidence

Also used for something known as demonstrative evidence, 3d computer animation cannot be used to "prove" a case but, can be used to visually support the verbal testimony of an expert witness. Since the information they relay in court is often complicated and pertaining to a specific industry, legal animation is a tool used to help jurors understand and retain information presented by these witnesses.

Crude 3D computer animations run the risk of alienating jurors who have become accustomed to the ultra realistic computer graphics of film and video games. The most experienced forensic animators are skilled at visualizing factual information. By including every fact and detail and applying scientific data, engineering principles, mechanical expertise or other pertinent data, they can create a photo-realistic, believable scenario for jurors.

Forensic Animation | Forensic Animations

Forensic Animation | Forensic Animator

Forensic animations are being accepted more and more in courtrooms around the U.S. It can be extremely difficult to explain to jurors the facts of a case without visual aids to increase their understanding and retention of the facts. The overall use of 3D animation in courtrooms is still not as high as it could be due to several myths about the process of animation.

Because of our movie going experience with special effects, there is a preconceived notion that 3D animations are largely products of the animator's imagination. However, trained forensic animators spends as much as 70% of their project hours on tracking down and verifying the data they are using to re-create the scene. At each and every phase, from building the models and objects to the planned movement of those objects, and the environment they are shown in, every detail must relate and correspond directly with the investigative facts, eyewitness reports, photographs, and expert testimony.

When it comes to forensic animation, very little is left to imagination. Even if the animator is provided with few facts, if there are enough essential details they can use science, such as the laws of physics, or geometry to determine the rest.

Forensic Animation | Forensic Computer Animation

3D animation should only be created for use in the courtroom under the following circumstances. It must adhere to and support testimony of expert witnesses and that expert should be involved in the creation of the animation in its planning stages. The use of the animation must be disclosed in advance of the trial date, with enough time for the opponent to cross examine the evidence. The animator must be an objective party that fairly and accurately has conveyed the evidence as dictated by the expert witnesses and litigators.

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TMBA can provide 3D animation for any area of law: Environmental, Aviation. Commercial litigation, Antitrust, Pharmaceutical, Product liability, Accident reconstruction, Construction law, Intellectual property, and Wrongful Death. Whether you choose to use our animations as settlement tools or demonstrative aids, TMBA is the leading producer of high quality 3D animation for use in the courtroom and beyond. Call (212) 789-9077.

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