Trial Graphics: Bright Field Maritime Investigation

TMBA created this series of 3d animations about the maritime investigation of the Bright Field accident.

The 763-foot, 70,000-ton Liberian-registered freighter Bright Field was loaded with 64,000 tons of grain and heading down the Mississippi River when the main engine suddenly lost power while navigating a sharp bend. The pilot dropped his anchors to slow the ship but had difficulty steering due to the lack of power necessary to navigate the currents.

The freighter plowed nose-first into the Riverwalk shopping mall and hotel, destroyed 15 shops and restaurants, damaged a part of a hotel and condominium and brought down a section of a parking deck. A hole 15 feet in diameter was gouged into its bow.

These graphics conceptually illustrate how the breakdown in an oil pump caused the accident. These animations are based on details from amateur videos, cost guard investigators and the NTSB report.

TMBA is a New York City Animation Studio that provides 3D Animation, Broadcast Animation, Motion Graphics and vfx for the top cable and network television productions.
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