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TMBA is a New York City animation studio that produces high quality trial graphics and litigation graphics for courtroom exhibits and litigation exhibits.

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Trial graphics is a term used to describe the visual aids used by attorneys to give jurors a clear, visual explanation of the relevant facts surrounding a case during a trial. The use of trial graphics, also known as litigation graphics, courtroom graphics or courtroom exhibits, might include illustrations, photographs (often enlarged to show detail), charts, PowerPoint presentations and 3D animated scenes. These visual tools are intended to persuade jurors to view the facts of a case in favor of the presenter, be it the case of the defense or prosecution.

Known as an effective tool when developing a case, trial graphics are used in all kinds of cases including criminal cases, accidents, corporate liability cases, fraud, patent arguments, etc. Relevant facts surrounding an event can be difficult to communicate clearly to juries, judges and the public because the information is often complex and hard to understand when presented verbally. Offering visual reference via the use of courtroom and trial graphics increases a juror's understanding of the facts and improves information retention.

trial graphics | animation studio | TMBA, Inc.

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Any courtroom trial involves a steep learning curve for most jurors, especially those new to the subject matter under discussion. This requires learning and memorization skills. There is evidence to suggest that people retain more information when is is presented with some kind of visual support. In fact, Studies have shown that between 61 and 65 percent of the general public are visual learners, which would indicate that at least half of every jury would show improved learning with visual support. It is also said that jurors retain only 10-15% of what the hear in the courtroom. Visual support is also thought to increase juror's retention of information.

The memory process involves what is referred to as encoding. During this process mental information is classified according to specific criteria and then forwarded in the brain for additional logging. It is also thought that the visual nature of trial graphics facilitates the encoding process.

trial graphics | animation studio | TMBA, Inc.

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The ultimate success of a trial lawyer depends somewhat upon their ability to define what is truly important about a case, especially an accurate assessment of what prospective jurors will consider important. With so much at stake, meticulous research is essential. Outside consultants may be called in to help determine the "theme" of a case and assist in the development of appropriate courtroom exhibits to present a compelling version of the facts. These consultants claim an understanding of how jurors learn, think and deliberate and recommend ways of presenting demonstrative visual evidence that will meet that criteria. Services offered by trial graphics companies include but, are not limited to technical and medical illustrations, photography and video, physical models, charts and graphs and 2D and 3D computer animation otherwise known as computer generated imagery (CGI).

trial graphics | animation studio | TMBA, Inc.

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Of the available resources, 3D animation is the most technology driven. Especially in accident and criminal cases, where events that are described verbally can be difficult for a juror to visualize accurately, 3D animation can be a useful tool for recreating an event, highlighting complex technical facts surrounding a case, or demonstration of forensic facts in a re-creation of an alleged crime. The choice of 3D animation as a visual tool depends on factors such as the purpose of the graphic, the amount of time needed to produce it, the existing budget, the need for future revisions, and the compatibility of 3D with other courtroom graphics included in the strategy.

TMBA can provide 3D animation for any area of law: Environmental, Aviation. Commercial litigation, Antitrust, Pharmaceutical, Product liability, Accident reconstruction, Construction law, Intellectual property, and Wrongful Death. Whether you choose to use our animations as settlement tools or demonstrative aids, TMBA is the leading producer of high quality 3D animation for use in the courtroom and beyond.

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