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TMBA is a New York City Animation Studio. We create 3D medical animation, anatomical animation, pharmaceutical and bio medical animations. This is a true story...

Once upon a time, there was a medical marketing agency that was in the midst of an extremely stressful push to help a pharmaceutical firm gain FDA approval for a new drug.

A series of complex 3D animations had been ordered for the presentation but, we're still not done.

One year in, costs were spiraling out of control and the pharmaceutical company was getting understandably skittish. The marketing agency was too, of course.

So, what did the 3D animation studio do?

They shut down for their annual 3-week spring vacation.

Crazy, right?

I have a theory about this, though. And, here it is:

Too many 3D studios believe that what they do is such a MYSTERIOUS & COMPLEX mix of art and technology, they are untouchable.

Big Mistake.

You see, this ad agency refused to be held hostage.

They boldly took the partial storyboards and hard drives full of unfinished work and told that studio to have a great vacation.

Then, they hired us to complete the project.

TMBA took a mishmash of files and incomplete storyboards and finished six minutes of detailed medical animation in about the time it took the other studio to knock the sand out of their shoes and return home.

About three weeks, in fact.

Six amazing minutes of totally accurate, totally beautiful medical animation which, by the way, helped them win FDA approval.

Transforming a seriously challenging situation into a happy ending is what fairy tales are all about.

And, it's what TMBA is all about.

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