How Tornadoes Form - Weather Graphics

(How Tornadoes Form - Weather Graphics) Once, while driving down a highway just outside of New York City, the sky grew black so suddenly, the concept of the world ending crossed my mind. Seconds later, large chunks of ice the size of quarters began slamming into the car. We slowed to a crawl, like everyone else, wondering if the car would be dented. Luckily, we were near an overpass and there was just enough room to creep onto the shoulder underneath the bridge and wait. Just a few short minutes later, it was over. It could have been worse. It was tornado season.

Tornadoes are the natural world’s version of the Super Villain. They come upon us with lightening speed, hurling hail the size of baseballs. A narrow column of fury, tornadoes can cut a path of destruction over a mile wide, throwing cars and slamming buildings into matchsticks. The most recent string of touchdowns has the 2012 storm season off to an early start and it has many in the U.S. on edge. Fifty five people have lost their lives in tornado related incidents this year already and there has been an estimated 31.5 million dollars in damage done so far.

Thanks to the elite unit of folks known as Storm Chasers, (most of them volunteers by the way), videos of cyclones are out there and up for grabs. If, however, you’re looking to tell the story of how tornadoes are formed, you’ll have to create what you can’t shoot. That’s why producers call upon the Broadcast Animation Experts at TMBA-the “Storm Creators.”

If you are a producer that believes CGI costs too much or takes too long, then you need not read any further. However if you’re the kind of producer that is always on the lookout to change up the visual dynamics of your show, and you understand the WOW Factor of high quality 3D Graphics then read on.

Impressing the Gaming Generation with Graphics

TMBA whipped up these incredible and informative 3D animations to show the “perfect storm” of conditions that need to exist for a tornado to form, and to show how they move. A perfect marriage between narration and visuals tells this complex, powerful story quickly and cleanly, using state of the art 3D. Gaming Generation viewers (i.e. 18-34) have very high expectations when it comes to graphics and TMBA graphics always go way beyond the run-of-the-mill graphics.

These tornadoes were a tall order, requiring many elements that are extremely challenging to create. Anyone experienced at 3D animation can tell you that there are no off-the-shelf models or even solid straightforward shapes to build. Moving cloud formations, moisture laden air, darkening skies requires seasoned 3D problem solving skills and a deep knowledge of what 3D can do. It’s the kind of work TMBA is known for.

Thanks for taking time out to view these TMBA animations of how tornadoes form and consider how 3D animations can help tell your next story, grab the audience and sweep them up into your video journey.

In the meantime, our hearts go out to those that have lost their homes, businesses and of course to those who lost family members to the most recent tornadoes. Should you hire TMBA to create a 3D animation any time in March 2012, we will contribute a portion of the proceeds from your 3D project to his tornado relief effort (Habitat for Humanity) which will be involved in re-building many of the damaged structures in the area.

You can check in on the local church that is providing relief here: Henryville Community Church.

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