Trial Graphics: Maritime Investigations

TMBA is a New York City animation studio known for providing factual, forensic & investigative animations. We provide flexible, affordable 3D animated solutions that communicate quickly and clearly the key details of any case.

Our specialty is taking factual documents, photos of physical evidence, expert testimony and eye witness accounts and creating computer animated scenes of complex details and events with 100% accuracy.

Our firsthand experience includes creating animations for scenarios that include: personal injury, wrongful death, disaster, mechanical and engineering failures. The TMBA team has extensive experience in building the most challenging 3D elements such as water, floods, fires, storms etc.

TMBA can provide 3D animation for any area of law: Environmental, Aviation. Commercial litigation, Antitrust, Pharmaceutical, Product liability, Accident reconstruction, Construction law, Intellectual property, and Wrongful Death.

Whether you choose to use our animations as settlement tools or demonstrative aids, TMBA is the leading producer of high quality 3D animation for use in the courtroom and beyond.

Take a look at the animations on the following pages- and then give us a call. (212) 789-9077

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