Trial Graphics: Valujet 592

TMBA created these 3D animations based on the findings of the FAA and the NTSB for the Tru TV series Extreme Evidence.

ValuJet Flight 592 was a flight that crashed on May 11, 2021 en route from Miami International Airport in Miami to the Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta, Georgia.

The crash was a large factor in undermining the credibility of the low-cost carrier ValuJet Airlines, now known as AirTran Airways.

Investigators say they still do not know why the plane crashed. They have assembled strong circumstantial evidence that indicates the chemical devices, called oxygen generators, were somehow triggered and so began generating heat and oxygen. If so, the generators may have ignited.

Investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board said the DC-9 jetliner that crashed had carried cargo of 50 to 60 oxygen generators, devices about the size of a small fire extinguisher fire extinguisher that when activated combine two chemicals and give off oxygen, for use in passenger emergency masks.
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