Crime Scene Reconstruction: Forensic Animations

For the past several years we have been working with the producers of truTV's long running series- "Forensic Files". Many of these animations illustrate important forensic details that are the key to understanding these grizzly homicide investigations.

For the story "Step by Step" we worked with photographs and police sketches to recreate the stairs and entryway to discredit the suspects explanation of how his mother fell to her death. Animations for "Double Lies" were created based on blood spatter analysis and calculated bullet trajectories.

On the other side of these stories are people who have made it their life's work to meticulously investigate these cases in the relentless pursuit of justice. From that standpoint we're proud of the work that we do for the show.

Forensic Pathology and Biomechanics

For the story “Step by Step” we worked with extensive photographs, measurements and diagrams created by the pathologists to recreate the stairs and entryway. These animations illustrate the findings of the investigators that discredited the suspects explanation of how his mother fell to her death.

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Forensic Blood Spatter Analysis

A couple are viciously attacked, and one person survives. She identifies the killer but later retracts her statement, so the investigators rely on DNA found on an unlikely source to solve the crime. These animations were created based on expert testimony, blood spatter analysis, and calculated bullet trajectories.

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Forensic Anthropology: Studying the Bones

The 2003 murder of North Carolina resident Scarlett Wood is recalled. The victim's skeletal remains were found months after she disappeared, but were not identified until 2006.

This animation reveals the details of the pathologist's forensic analysis.

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Bullet Trajectory Analysis

Pathologists were able to determine the location or positioning of the shooter based on the ejection pattern of the spent cartridges, the shot pattern and the trajectory angle of the bullet holes.

This animation illustrates the sequence of events based expert testimony and crime scene analysis.

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This particular investigation relied on very specific details about the interior paint on this specific make and model of a Camaro. The producers were not able to find a similiar car to film for this crucial detail of the story- so they hired TMBA to recreate the scene.

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