Here's my promise to you:

"We will provide a bid for your project--
and we'll produce within that bid as quoted.

No overcharges.
No Surprises."

Hi, I am Tim McGarvey, creative director, and president of TMBA. I started this animation studio to give producers a reliable outsource. I've always loved animation, I had the skills, I wanted to have the experience of having my own company and here it is. After twenty years in the business I know what you need.

I know what it's like to be in the edit room at 1 a.m. the night before the show goes out and to see the graphics come in --low quality, two days late. The deadline was tight, the schedule was impossible. You expected graphics that looked like the ones you saw on the demo reel but this isn't what you just got--there's no time to send anything back. It's too late to re-edit. The graphics suck.

Your income, your next show and your career are on the line.

This is a company that will never let you down.
This company was founded especially for that reason.


Here's my promise to you:

We will provide a bid for your project --
and live within that bid as quoted.

Period. No overcharges.

We can guarantee no over charges because we are professionals, experienced and detailed enough, so that the costs that we provide are realistic and accurate. From the number of artists and hours to detailed visual expectations and target dates--that's what we deliver & invoice.

End Of Story. No Surprises.

Of course, we exist to serve you, we invite you to rethink your needs, to change your mind at any time. that's fine. We are always open to the changes. If a change in specs impacts the cost--we'll let you know.

AND we''ll work together to find the most cost effective solution.