Sunt Junkies - Discovery Channel

TMBA is the New York animation studio that created the "physics behind the stunts" animations for Discovery Channels "Stunt Junkies" TV show.

The Discovery series Stunt Junkies attracted a weekly cult following, thanks in part to some amazing 3D animations from TMBA. Our edgy "graffiti" style graphics added lots of visual excitement and helped to quickly, clearly explain the science behind each stunt.

These stylized motion graphics were layered on top of amazing, detailed 3D re-creations of each stunt. This allowed producers manipulate man & machine and highlight the riskiest aspects of each stunt adding great dramatic tension.

Can we handle motorcycles, jetskis, skateboards, parachutes, four wheelers, base jumping, and careening kayaks?
Yep. Check it out. TMBA has lots of visual tricks for adding visual interest to factual information.

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