3D Animation Studio Reel

TMBA is a 3D Animation Studio in New York City that provides creative, scalable & affordable 3D animations and animated graphic solutions for television programming and corporate videos.

When there are elements that you can't shoot, can't visualize, or that can't be explained with words alone--TMBA offers an unbeatable combination of customized 3D solutions and a smart development process that makes great CGI available for all kinds of projects. 

For over ten years, some of the best and largest production companies in the U.S. and abroad have entrusted us to help them move beyond the confines of space and time to create elegant, effective CGI for factual, fantasy and documentary programming.

Our work can be seen on NBC, CBS, Scy Fy Channel, Weather Channel, History, Discovery Channel, TruTV, National Geographic Channel and many others. 

We'll help you think through--ahead of time--the most stunning yet economical way to use the magic of our highly cinematic 3D to bring your story to life.