Ultimate Peril

There’s nothing like watching a few near death experiences to change your perspective. truTV's "Ultimate Peril" series was an idea that had plenty of human interest and drama. What they didn't have was footage.

TMBA was able to spin some animation magic, recreating each scene in fully detailed 3D. These harrowing tales of survival and triumph over death have a sense of immediacy thanks to the fully realistic CGI provided by TMBA.

The story of how this show got its legs is pretty interesting.

The EP began by collecting footage for short segments about survivors of outrageous accidents and mishaps. These are the type of incidents that for all practical purposes should have killed them but, didn't. Then he called TMBA. We discussed ways to take the viewer closer into each scene, using 3D animations to their greatest effect.

We invested many creation hours to develop animations that would provide critical details and create a cinematic mood. Essentially we provided the "footage" that didn't exist. Then he packaged and pitched the show. This EP has accepted that the Paper Pitch doesn't cut it anymore. Buyers and networks, want visual, tangible guarantees before green lighting anything.

And because TMBA has always been a studio whose goals don't change, even when the budget does--he called us.

Our animators will work as hard and as long as it takes to deliver to you the 3D animations that will sell the show whether it's already got the go-ahead, or is headed that way. We want to help producers who want to work as hard and as long as we do for a good idea, a great product--budget be damned.

Whether drowning underwater, setting something on fire, or getting run over by a train--these "Ultimate Peril" animations demonstrate just how much TMBA is willing to invest in other people's ideas.

Thanks for checking out these animations. Let us know what great story you've got knocking around in your head. We'll work with you to make it a winner.

"We needed to give viewers a more thorough understanding of how each event unfolded, in greater detail. The animations from TMBA enhanced the overall quality of the production.

We'd use TMBA again in a heartbeat." -- Steve Rotfeld, Steve Rotfeld Productions

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