Trial Graphics: Personal Injury

Phelps v. Global Trade Center

3D trial graphics are an ideal choice when developing a personal injury case.

Personal injury cases, which involve damage to the body, mind and/or emotions due to the negligence of another party, often hinge on details that can be very difficult to explain to jurors verbally. Providing visually compelling trial graphics in 3D is the easiest way to communicate clearly and concisely this complex information to jurors.

TMBA’s legal team takes the most critical facts anchoring the case, and develops a clear visual theme which is used to create 3D animated trial graphics that are 100% accurate, relevant and admissible.

Jurors tend to place a greater weight on things they can see AND hear. Visually clear trial graphics can help jurors organize evidence, understand expert testimony and retain complicated facts and subjects they are unfamiliar with. This insures a fair comparison with the opposing counsel’s information.

Personal injury cases involve workplace accidents, product liability, medical injuries, malpractice claims–cases that most often hinge on complicated facts and subjects that most jurors have no prior knowledge of. Explaining these important facts clearly with animated trial graphics will engage them and improve their retention rate of pertinent facts.

3D animations involve the use of mathematical models, strict measurements, engineering principles, motion tracking an analysis and exacting specifications. Therefore 3D is the perfect tool when an accurate, detailed recreation of an event is needed.

Creating a visual strategy early on in a case with 3D animated trial graphics gives a legal team time to test theories and refine them well in advance of trial and during the trial phase present their most important facts in a way that will be understood and remembered throughout the length of the trial.

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