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Engineering Animations are computer generated solutions that help product designers, engineers, television producers, accident investigators, and law firms solve their most complex problems in 3D. This wide range of industries all have one thing in common: Figuring out how to present complex engineering concepts or mechanical engineering failures visually, and in a way that makes it easier to understand or assess.

TMBA's engineering animations help investigate and assess mechanical engineering failures, engineering failures or to conduct engineering failure analysis. Solving problems virtually, using engineering animations from TMBA, ensures successful outcomes in the real world. Our highly realistic CGI is clear and convincing and 100% accurate.

engineering animations - structural analysis

Steam Pipe Explosion

The problem facing a network television producer was explaining, quickly and clearly the mechanical failure that led to an explosion under a busy NYC street.

Using the accident investigation reports and a structural analysis document, TMBA was able to create a highly detailed 3D animation of the mechanical failure in an underground pipe system. The explosion caused a tow truck to be swallowed up by collapsing pavement, and one person was killed. TMBA has the unique ability to reverse engineer events and build accurate, realistic 3D animations that help discover the root causes of mechanical and structural failures.

The more complex the subject, the more difficult it is to explain technical details to an audience. TMBA's technical animations make the delivery of this type of complex information crystal clear.

engineering animations manhattan bridge

Structural Analysis - Manhattan Bridge

After the turn of the century, "deflection theory" held that the inherent structure of suspension bridges made them stronger then first supposed, leading many experts to determine that stiffening trusses were not necessary. As engineers would later discover, deflection theory was far from perfect--and the Manhattan Bridge was deemed "underbuilt."

The client required a detailed and accurate 3D depiction of the twisting and flexing caused by the lack of stabilizing trusses on this landmark bridge. TMBA's engineering animations also highlight how the presence of subway lines traveling on the outside lanes was further compromising the bridge's structural integrity. If you travel the bridge, no worries--stabilizing work was completed in 2007.

engineering animations - USAir 427

Crash of USAir Flight 427

After the longest investigation in aviation history, the National Transportation Safety Board determined that the likely cause of the crash of USAir flight 427 was a loss of control caused by of a highly technical, mechanical glitch in a rudder power control unit.

This TMBA client needed a visual depiction of this incredibly complex system, and a 3D engineering animation that could hone in on the details of the failure. In the end, this investigation allowed experts to determine two other crashes that had suffered the same fate--United Airlines Flight #585 in 1991 and Eastwind Airlines Flight # 517 in 1996. Needless to say, this led to engineering improvements by the manufacturer.

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