Tornadoes are the natural world’s version of the Super Villain. They come upon us with lightening speed, hurling hail the size of baseballs. A narrow column of fury, tornadoes can cut a path of destruction over a mile wide, throwing cars and slamming buildings into matchsticks. The most recent string of touchdowns has the 2012 storm season off to an early start and it has many in the U.S. on edge. Fifty five people have lost their lives in tornado related incidents this year already and there has been an estimated 31.5 million dollars in damage done so far.

TMBA whipped up these incredible and informative 3D animations to show the “perfect storm” of conditions that need to exist for a tornado to form, and to show how they move. These tornadoes were a tall order, requiring many elements that are extremely challenging to create. Anyone experienced at 3D animation can tell you that there are no off-the-shelf models or even solid straightforward shapes to build. Moving cloud formations, moisture laden air, darkening skies requires seasoned 3D problem solving skills and a deep knowledge of what 3D can do. It’s the kind of work TMBA is known for.


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