How to become the “Mick” of Video Production with Social Media

Becoming the rock star of video production using social media is the best way to be perceived as an expert. It is the number one, guaranteed way to move to the top of the heap in the industry. Video production and social media will snag a huge group of new fans, potential new clients who have television and video production contracts to give.  But, if a video production rock star is what they want, how do you convince them you are the one? Simple. Anyone researching video production online should instantly discover tons of useful information, good press and current news about you and your industry in an online search. You have anticipated their needs, their questions, addressed their doubts. Indeed, you are a video production local marketing rock star. In fact, this should be your number one goal, nothing less.

How do you expect to convince a new potential client how great and creative your productions are if they don’t see reflections of that online, be it through video production local directories, video production searches on Google Places or other social media sites? A great online presence provides the validation they need to trust you as an expert. Word of mouth doesn’t work like it used to, it needs an online presence to back it up, to make it hit home.  Pretend for a moment that you are an executive producer looking to hook up with a great video production company.  What kind of search would you do? When you do that search, do your productions appear? Is your name out there, accompanied by solid news and information about the industry?

If not, than becoming an “expert” is going to be a lot harder than you think. Becoming and industry expert requires a solid body of work, experience in your chosen field and past success helps. However, if all of your efforts, experience and creativity are locked up inside your head, or within the walls of your company, then they are wasted assets. That body of knowledge, that creative spark, that deep experience are assets that could be out there doing a video production social media blitz, convincing potential new clients to contact you and hire you, the “expert” for their next job. You could be out there educating, inspiring and helping potential new clients who will in turn choose you to be their new go-to video production company.  A strong online presence will shoot you right up to number one in their book. The only question they will have is whether they can afford you.

According to a recent survey, despite a sharp rise in the use of social media and online marketing strategies, especially to promote television programs and series, many video production social media professionals are not using the most powerful tools in any significant way to get new business. At least not yet. Whether due to a lack of knowledge or time, this will soon change. Video production companies can’t afford to become invisible online. This is a technology driven industry and you are expected to be sitting on the cutting edge at all times. If you don’t have much of a dynamic presence online, a hip, interesting and informative presence-how cutting edge can you be?

For an industry that is driven by video assets, a recent poll showed that less than 60% of the video production companies surveyed are currently using the video driven YouTUbe to promote their work and build their reputation. Less than 50% of the video producers canvassed change their Facebook fan pages regularly and only 40% are using the networking tool LinkedIn.

For a group of businesses that in that same survey, rank “being perceived as an industry expert” their number one marketing goal, these statistics are confusing. What better way to build a great reputation as an expert than by becoming the video production social media rock star they are searching for?  The low number of video production companies participating in video production local marketing tactics spells opportunity for the smart video production company. Gain ground quickly by getting out there now.  Establish your video production rock star presence early, because once more video production companies begin their online marketing strategies, the harder it will become. Do it now and you can become the “Mick” of video production.

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