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TMBA is a New York City animation studio known for providing factual, forensic & investigative animations. We provide flexible, affordable 3D animated solutions that communicate quickly and clearly the key details of any case.

Our specialty is taking factual documents, photos of physical evidence, expert testimony and eye witness accounts and creating computer animated scenes of complex details and events with 100% accuracy.

Our firsthand experience includes creating animations for scenarios that include: personal injury, wrongful death, disaster, mechanical and engineering failures. The TMBA team has extensive experience in building the most challenging 3D elements such as water, floods, fires, storms etc.

TMBA can provide 3D animation for any area of law: Environmental, Aviation. Commercial litigation, Antitrust, Pharmaceutical, Product liability, Accident reconstruction, Construction law, Intellectual property, and Wrongful Death. Whether you choose to use our animations as settlement tools or demonstrative aids, TMBA is the leading producer of high quality 3D animation for use in the courtroom and beyond.

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Toxic Tort: DPC Enterprises

A cloud of chlorine gas poured from a freight train near a defunct chemical plant in this Mississippi River town. The spill occurred at DPC Enterprises, about one mile south of Crystal City. A rail car loaded with chlorine, was in the process of being "offloaded" when a hose ruptured. The release of 48,000 pounds of chlorine from DPC Enterprises caused 63 people from the surrounding community to seek medical evaluation. Some residents offered harrowing accounts of the event and said they had experienced various lingering effects from the accident.

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Crane Collapse

A sixteen story crane collapses and kills five people. The Division of Occupational Safety and Health blamed the accident, which also injured 22 people, on the construction company which was operating the crane when it plunged about 200 feet onto a crowded downtown intersection during the morning rush hour.

Four workers were atop the crane, trying to jack it up one floor, when it toppled and fell, gouging nearby skyscrapers and landing on several vehicles on the streets below. The four employees died in the accident, as did the driver of a school bus who was crushed by the falling debris.

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Automobile Accident

The investigators knew the weights of both cars by measuring the distance and direction they had slid, their rotation and the amount of friction. Based on these factors they were able to calculate their post impact speeds. The angle of impact and the skid marks allowed investigators to determine the path of each car.

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Aviation Accident Investigation: USair Flight 427

The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the probable cause of the USAir flight 427 accident was a loss of control of the airplane resulting from the movement of the rudder surface to its blowdown limit. The rudder surface most likely deflected in a direction opposite to that commanded by the pilots as a result of a jam of the main rudder PCU servo valve secondary slide to the servo valve housing offset from its neutral position and overtravel of the primary slide.

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Homicide Investigation

A wealthy socialite was killed after a fall down the steps. Prosecutors believed that the death of the victim was not an accident. The laws of physics and an accident reconstructionist provided the answer.

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