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(Stunt Junkies) In this never-before-attempted stunt, Luigi Cani will BASE jump off a cliff with a speed bike; however, instead of going down with the bike, with the help of a specially designed wing suit, he will fly up and away from the bike. Luigi is the only athlete known to date that has worked with the specially designed jump training program and wing suit, which enables him to fly up and away from an object rather than down.

Another twist? Luigi has never BASE jumped before! So, he'll need to start with a basic BASE jump course to prepare for the stunt. From there he will do several high-speed skydives wearing the special wing suit in order to train his body for flight position with great horizontal projection. Then, he will do test rides with the motorcycle wearing the special suit and the BASE harness to make sure that he will not be lifted up and off the motorcycle while riding at high speeds.

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