Grand Canyon Rail- Stunt Junkies

Stunt Junkies Grand Canyon Rail- Stunt Junkies

(Stunt Junkies) TMBA is the New York animation studio that created the “physics behind the stunts” animations for Discovery Channels “Stunt Junkies” TV show.

In this stunt Bob Burnquist rolls down a on a custom built 40 ft. mega ramp roll-in, and then grinds on a 40 ft. rail that extended over the Grand Canyon. Once he reaches the end of the rail, Bob then skydives/base jumps 1,600 ft. into the canyon.

In a stunt that will likely never be duplicated, Bob Burnquist entered the history books by becoming the first person to ever skateboard down a 40’ mega-ramp and onto a 40’ rail and then safely BASE jump off the rail 1,600 feet down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. To call the stunt unique is an understatement; this was the ultimate skateboarding stunt ever performed and will secure Bob’s place among the sport’s all-time elite.

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