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Lately I find myself thinking about Noah. Actually, the Noah from an old comedy routine where Bill Cosby imagines how the conversation between Noah and The LORD might have gone:

“NOAH,” says the LORD, “I want you to build an ARK.”
“Right.” says Noah, “What’s an Ark?”
“Get some wood, build it 300 cubits, by 80 cubits by 40 cubits.”
“Right.” Noah thinks for second. “What’s a cubit?”

This might remind you of a few production meetings you’ve had, especially if you produce factual, fantasy or news programming. These stories often hinge on elements impossible to shoot and difficult to imagine.

Of course, the network execs expect miracles, thinking very BIG for such a small budget. Word from above? Just show me an Ark. Meanwhile, there’s no pictures, no cave drawings, no ancient video cam recordings. What’s a producer to do?

Do you send out the crews to shoot “B” footage, thinking that by the time you get to post the problem will somehow solve itself?

As Noah would say, “RIght.”

Listen, we get lots of calls from producers in the midst of pulling all nighters, crazy stressed, their show shape shifting faster than a creature from Dr. Who.

Rough cuts get rougher as the feedback trickles in…”there’s something missing.” As they edge closer to final cut, they’re staring down the barrel of a gun; a huge gap in the visuals that an editor or “B” roll can’t fill.

There’s a reason why so many of the top producers in the business call on TMBA early, and often. We have solved some of the biggest visual dilemmas on television for some of the biggest and best networks on television.

And, we do it on time and within your budget.

Here’s our proof:

TMBA is the animation studio that producers rely on when they need animations that are more than “B” roll fillers for their show. We create animations that engage viewers by explaining key concepts and the crucial events in their stories when the footage alone is simply not enough for anyone to get excited about.

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