When you need the fantastic flying camera, exploding buildings, alligators jumping out of the water, fireballs raining to the earth, asteroids striking the far side of the moon– we are your guys. We love the challenge of doing all this, and we are ready to tear it up when you need it.

Not every show however needs these types of animations. As a reality show producer, you need a different type of graphic for your show, and it has to be affordable. As the owner of the studio, I get this.

TMBA was founded as a animation studio to provide a reliable, consistent and cost effective solution for producers who need graphics to help tell their story. This remains as true today as it was when I started this studio. We all want to create the award winning work that we dream about– but more importantly this studio exists to create the work that each of you need. This includes the very practical and cost effective animations- conceived and created with the bottom line in sight.

Here on this page are some examples of animations that are less complex and extremely efficient. The amount of time that we spent on these graphics was days instead of weeks, and the cost was a fraction of full blown CGI.

TMBA is here to help you create the best programming possible.
Let me know how we can help.

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Show Open: History Channel

“Band of Bloggers” for the History Channel, features a variety of video and text blogs from the perspective of soldiers in Iraq. TMBA created the motion graphics package for this show rapidly, and with a reality program budget

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truTV: Bait Car

tru TV’s “Bait Car” takes us on a front seat ride of a stolen car from the moment of the actual theft to the remote shut down and arrest. TMBA provides animations for each episode of this series- tracking the route of the car before the shut down. TMBA proposed and implemented a workflow and process that allows us to provide four animations for each episode, on time and within the budget of a reality show.

Each animation is unique and specific to the route- and the graphics are delivered within a few days of the first edit.

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Discovery Channel: Fosset Plane Crash

TMBA created a series of animations for the Discovery program about Steve Fossett’s plane crash. When it came to animating this series of maps, we had to get creative to get these four maps done on time- and within the budget.

There was neither the time or the cost to animate a camera thru the virtual terrain, so we devised a “work smart” plan to get these four maps done in a matter of days, instead of weeks, without entirely losing the 3D aspect of the project. Yes the result is simple, but still effective. Beats a flat map any day.

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SyFy: Globe Animation

When it comes to globe animations, we’ve got the files and resources to turn these bears out super fast. Need to push in to see where the mystical crystal skull vortex is in Arizona?
or where that rig was in the gulf? Wherever you need to go, we’ll take you there with style, in days not weeks.

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History Channel: Pitch Graphics

Okay. We all know that paper pitches are a hard sell. Even harder if your concept relies on CGI. What do you do if you want to show a graphic- but you don’t have the budget yet to build it out in full 3D? TMBA created this very basic animation for a History Channel series pitch. Simple, fast and effective. Not ready for air, but definitely ready to help take the pitch to the next level.

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