Professional Trial Graphics Are A Modern Courtroom Requirement

Professional Trial Graphics Are A Modern Courtroom Requirement

A visual presentation is one of the best ways a trial lawyer has to present facts, provide an interpretation of events and make a lasting impression upon a jury. Many technical advancements in the use of courtroom graphics over the past two decades have moved the preparation of graphics out of the attorney’s office and into specialized firms maintained by graphic professionals or specialists in trial graphics. Litigation graphics have come to play a powerful role in the modern courtroom.

The presentation of exhibits of documents, photographs, video footage and records have been part of the trial lawyer’s arsenal for many years. What has changed is the way in which they can be presented. Documents and photographs can be enlarged in crisp detail and then displayed on a large screen to maximize the impact on a jury. Multiple images can also be displayed simultaneously for the purpose of comparison.

Of course, courtroom graphics today go beyond the presentation of still images. They can be digitally enhanced to provide 3D effects. Graphics that give the appearance of depth will have a greater impression on a juror. This can be especially important in recreating a scene or incident in a criminal case where the position of the people involved in the event affects its interpretation. It can help a juror see what the witness actually saw.

In many cases, an understanding of the chronological sequence of actions is critical to reaching a true interpretation of what happened. A series of 3D images can be put together creating a story-line that portrays the series of events leading up to and following a possible crime. Animated images can also assist in demonstrating causation.

A professional in courtroom graphics can take still images, 3D animations, sound recordings and video footage to create a full multimedia presentation. A phone call can play while the image of the speaker appears on the screen along with a transcript of the call. A photo montage of a victim’s life can appear as loved ones speak.

Trial lawyers should not underestimate the value of professionally created and presented graphics. Jurors have come to expect sophisticated, technologically advanced graphics because of what they have seen on television and the Internet. In the modern courtroom, there is simply no better way have a strong impact on a jury’s understanding of the facts than the use of professionally created trial graphics. Litigation graphics determine what and how a jury remembers facts.

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