TMBA Product Demo

TMBA is a New York City Animation Studio that creates 3D Animation and Motion Graphics for television and multimedia productions. TMBA's success lies in our commitment to producing the highest quality 3D animation for creative directors looking to add a unique visual dynamic to their productions.

This page includes several short detailed segments from previous projects. The segments reflect our capability to create motion graphics and CGI that is relevant to your current project specs.

There are additional links at the bottom of the page to our Medical Animation Reel, as well as our Broadcast Animation Reel. These two reels cover a wide array of projects and subject matter.

Microbial and Enzyme Action

Water Filtration

ZeeWeed Membrane Water Filtration

Pegylated Interferon- Hepatitis C Drug Treatment

White blood cells on the surface of the liver

Hepatitis C Cirrhosis Treatment

Motion Graphics Montage Sample

2D Motion Graphics Sample

Here are links to industry specific animation montages: Medical Animation Reel,Broadcast Animation