Producers of Animal Science, may have been longing for a trip to Africa to shoot ostriches on the run or craving an underwater experience to shoot the massive Blue Whale. They definitely had the imagination. What they didn’t have was the budget.

So, they used stock footage but, then called in TMBA create realistic 3D animations of these amazing animals. This was a great solution for a show that was heavy with stock footage and needing an infusion of more dynamic visuals. 3D animation was the perfect solution for these producers, who needed to highlight some specific information about the unique features of these animals.

TMBA created custom models that could be slowed down, rotated, x-rayed, exploded…and used to highlight specific things in the narrative in a way that makes viewers take notice. It’s this kind of 3D magic that can take a show from ho hum to humming.

Check out the animations here and read more about animating animals: 3d Animation Studio – Animal Science

“We needed to give viewers a more thorough understanding of the unique biology and mechanics of these animals. The animations from TMBA enhanced the overall quality of the production.

We’d use TMBA again in a heartbeat.” — Steve Rotfeld, Steve Rotfeld Productions

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