3D Animation Increases Viewer Retention

3D animation and special effects have become standard in most blockbuster, fantasy and epic feature films. There are many useful and creative applications for specialized 3D visual effects for video productions as well. Rather than be limited by what a camera can capture, 3D animated scenes break down the barriers, allowing producers to carry viewers back in history, down into a microscopic view, or into the eye of a storm without the need for actual footage. As the number of outlets for television and video programming has grown, it has become more challenging to find an audience. In fact, the competition is fierce and programs are not gaining viewership as quickly as they need to survive. Studies show that visual presentations with 3D animation increases viewer retention. Also, current audiences are used to navigating 3D space thanks to the prevalence of video gaming and feature films. Animators can create a photo-realistic hurricane, a visual tour of a heart valve, or a murder scene from the point of view of the victim. Re-creating an ancient labyrinth based on ancient verbal descriptions, taking underwater journeys with perfect lighting, following a camera down into a microscopic view of the human body-these are just a few of the creative applications of 3D animation for television and video that can be created in a fraction the time and cost it would take to design, build and film them in real life. 3D animation is useful for video productions, marketing presentations, or as a visual aid, especially when viewer attention and retention is important. This kind of 3D animation is also used widely in museums, product demonstrations, commercials and re-creations of events for use in courtroom trials. Limited only by the imagination of producers, 3D broadcast animations are extremely useful when informational programming is presenting complex information, or there shooting a visual of the desired scene is prohibitive. TMBA is an animation studio in NYC. Find out more about 3d animation for TV by visiting the studio website.

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