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Visual Effects Supervisors (or producers acting as VFX supervisors) have extremely critical decisions to make, especially if the special effects involve human figures or animals. These beings are very expressive and move in unique ways. It is very difficult for the average 3D artist to create realistic portrayals of people or animals.

The mechanics of animating animals is very challenging and not every 3D animation studio does it well. These are "fluid" objects, not based on geometric shapes which are more straightforward. Even if a wire mesh model is successfully built, and moves realistically, there are challenges ahead. Fur, feathers, scales, are the next big hurdle. Again, not all 3D studios do this well. Ultimately, a VFX supervisor or producer must find 3D artists that have mastered both of the aspects of animating creatures.

The final hurdle is budget. Artists who claim to do these types of animations may end up taking months to complete a simple scene thanks to challenges they were not prepared for. It's essential to look for a 3D animation studio that has a lot of these types of figures in their online portfolio. If you like what you see, call and ask how long it took and how many artists were involved. This will help you get a sense of how much it will cost. Be aware however, of any studio that gives you a number right away. Costs for this type of work can be hard to pin down, so many studios will low ball a bid, figuring they will make it up later, in the end charging for "changes and upgrades" that were in fact, not your fault. If you have your facts straight in the beginning about how the animal or creature should move, how it should look and how many seconds of animation you need, a budget number can be right on.

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Also ask if the projects you see were delivered on time and if not, why. Many a project has been held up to due to client changes, but projects might also be late due to inexperienced artists that took on more than they could handle on the deadline given. Great 3D animation is an investment. The returns on a good investment is a video production which is greatly enhanced by fantastic 3D. If you end up with run of the mill animations that look awkward and unrealistic, you might just as well have invested in stock footage or B roll. The show won't look as great, but you will have saved yourself some headache.

Animations that are done well will not only enhance the visual quality of the show, it will marry perfectly to the information happening in the narration, highlighting some specific piece of information, or demonstrating a complex process, describing something that happens--the goal of the animation is up to the producer or VFX supervisor. If handled well, this can become one of the most creative aspects of the production, one place where you have a good deal of input in how the story will be told visually and verbally together. Make the most of it by hiring the best 3D animation studio you can afford that has experience in the kind of work you need, especially if moving figures are involved.

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